Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Harris County Public Health! You are encouraged to visit our website at to learn more about the five Divisions and four major Offices that make up HCPH. The HCPH Main Office is located at 2223 West Loop South (in the Galleria area), but we have several locations throughout Harris County, including the Harris County Animal Shelter where this volunteer activity will take place (612 Canino Road, Houston, Texas 77076).

In the application below, please use any email address that you check frequently as your User ID, and please select a password that you will remember.

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Veterinary Disease Outbreak Volunteer Application
(ALL volunteers must be comfortable working with animals.)
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Please Download and Review the Following Agreement Forms:
Individuals wishing to volunteer or intern at HCPH are required to provide an electronic signature demonstrating their willingness to adhere to the required statements, releases, and agreements of the Volunteer and Internship Program.
Please read each document by clicking the link next to the file name, and then type in your name in the electronic signature box.
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Confidentiality Statement
Volunteer/Intern Code of Conduct
Photography Consent Form/Model Release
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Volunteer/Intern Participation Agreement
Vaccination Requirements
Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteer Social Media Policy
BACKGROUND STATEMENT I represent and warrant that I have never been charged with or convicted of a violation of any criminal statute, whether felony or misdemeanor (excluding traffic violations), and further represent and warrant that I am not now or have never been on any form of parole, probation or deferred adjudication. I hereby authorize Harris County to research my personal background, as it deems necessary, for my driving record and criminal history. I further authorize Harris County to perform a drug test if my volunteer services include safety impact duties.